Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gym Etiquette!!! Do You know it ?

Gym Etiquette

Ok socialites the club has been in the gym for almost 2 months now and everything is going great. The " Go Hard or Go Home" workout plan is working miracles. Oh yeah for 29.95 you to can have the "Go Hard or Go Home" workout plan and if you email me back right now you will get the new special price of Free.99 yes I said it Free.99!!! Well back to the gym, now in the gym do you have those people that just don't know gym etiquette. Now when I say gym etiquette I mean the sweaty individuals that don't wipe down the equipment when finished, people that use the cell phone while in the gym and finally smelly individuals in smelly clothes.

First lets tackle the clubs pet peeve which is cell phone usage inside the gym. We don't have a problem with using the cell phone inside the gym. But when it becomes a loud conversation or and argument please talk it outside or to the locker rooms. Don't you just hate when your focused on the bench or the treadmill and there is someone next to you smacking away on there phone with there ex- boy or girlfriend about who should get what and that its over. It is just very "tacky" ( i love this word it can be used so many ways). It just makes you look very stupid putting your business all out on front street. Keep the cell phone usage to a minimum or just leave the phone in the bag and concentrate on loosing that 10lbs.

Now for those sweaty individuals, OK I am one of those. I am sorry i don't feel like I have worked out if I don't get a good sweat on. It makes me feel like I did something in the gym today. But there are gym goers that are not considerate of others and leave machines all sweaty. That's not cool at all, no ones wants to lie in or touch your sweat. That's "DISGUSTING!!!" as my better half would say. Please just wipe down your equipment or bring your own towel to lay on or wipe down the equipment.

Ok lets just talk about personal hygiene when it comes to the gym. I know most of you think nobody ever will smell you in the gym.But your wrong there just some smells that can not be ignored in the gym. Ok I would say i do wear tights under my pants and wear them for 2 days but I do wash them after that. But there are alot of people that wear the same sweatshirt or t-shirt in the gym and carry that funky odor. So in that folks please wash your gym clothes when you feel they are carrying odor . Better yet go out and get more gym clothes so you don't have to wear the same thing twice.

These are the clubs gym etiquette rules, please take heed and follow them wisely. They will definitely help you out in the long run. The club has a little treat for you also. Here at the club we take club aesthetics very serious were you workout should be to your liking. But hey we know its a recession and we all can't afford all the immaculate amenities of these plush gyms. The breakfast club has a solution to that problem. Well atleast for 3 days, hey its better then nothing.

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